Poll: GamesMaster TV show in talks to return, but who should take the title role?

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gamesmaster.jpgAnyone old enough to have owned an Amiga 500 or Super Nintendo when they were first released will have fond memories of Channel 4’s gaming show, GamesMaster.

The show was a mixture of gaming news and contestant-based challenges, set by the eponymous GamesMaster himself, a disembodied android-like head played by astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. Its popularity has not been replicated by any other gaming show since its initial run between 1991 to 1998, and was sorely missed when it was dropped.

As publishing house Future have now acquired the brand, including the renowned print publication of the same name, talks are said to be in motion to bring GamesMaster back to TV.

“We have ambitious plans for the future of this iconic gaming brand, kicking off with a major redesign of GamesMaster magazine in May,” said GamesMaster associate publisher Emma Parkinson.”We intend to develop GamesMaster across multiple platforms, updating the look and feel, while protecting its 19-year legacy and the immense respect it receives from gamers and the industry itself.”

However, with the show’s classic presenting duo of Dominick Diamond and GamesMaster Sir Patrick Moore all but ruled out of any comeback plans, who do you think should fill their shoes?

We’ve hand-picked some celebrity gamers we think could fill the role. Let us know what you think in the poll below.


Gerald Lynch
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  • It Definitely has to be DD and Sir Patrick Moore. Anybody else would just not fit the bill……

  • Id love Brooker but he proved in his GamesWipe that he has a less than fantastic understanding of the gamers climate and an ignorant view of gaming for the purist.
    For that reason, and his sarcasm which might detract from the gaming, I would rather DD and the Moore.

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