Users of Bebo have sent their messages into space

Of all the people in the world you’d like to have communicating with alien leaders in a potential “first contact” scenario, would Bebo users really be the #1 choice? Well, that’s what’s happening, as the social networking site’s users’ suggestions for images and text to send into space as part of its ‘A Message From Earth’ project have been… sent into space.

501 messages from Bebo users – including photos of Richard and Judy and pop band McFly’s opinions on Cheryl Cole – were sent off from Ukraine’s National Space Agency yesterday in a fantastic waste of everyone’s time. Here’s Bebo’s sensational illustration of how sending messages into space works:


The messages will take a shade over 20 years…

AMFE – A Message From Earth: Bebo users to hassle aliens with terrible music and bad gags


To be fair to the Bebo group by the name of A Message From Earth (AMFE), who are about to beam cultural data out into space, their content might actually be quite be good. The question remains though as to whether their intended alienlife targets will actually enjoy it or understand it at all.

The idea is that the group will send 500 multimedia messages, via Alexander Zaitsev and his radio telescope in the Ukraine, out into the black void, directed towards a planet by the name of Gliese 581c and any possible inhabitants. With its distance from a red sun and the likelihood of water, it has the right kind of conditions to support life such as ours…

AOL combines Bebo, AIM, ICQ into "People Networks", looks to expand globally


A couple of months from AOL’s announcement of its intentions to buy Bebo, the $850m deal has been sealed.

Though exact details of future plans and money involved isn’t clear, it seems AOL is keen to push Bebo into other countries, particularly those in Europe, as well as creating “People Networks”, a new community platform combining Bebo, AIM, and ICQ…

Opinion: Government paedophile plans are a confusing web of ideas


Jonathan Weinberg writes…

OK, so let’s do a straw poll. What do you think would stop a sex offender abusing children? I know this is not a comfortable topic but it is an extremely important one in tech and Internet terms. Stiffer sentences maybe? The threat of castration? A life term in jail? Perhaps even death by lethal injection?

We’ve all had those “If I were Home Secretary” moments and this is one of them because the plans today released by the UK’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith seem the worst kind of limp proposals for such a serious matter…

Bebo $1bn acquisition "definitely happened", sources claim

bebo_logo.pngAnyone interested more in the financial side of social networks, rather than simply adding tons of weird applications and spending hours turning down odd friend requests and notifications, may like to know that, according to “a high level source”, the social network Bebo has signed an acquisition deal thought to be worth $1bn.

Yes, that’s a whole lot of cash. Previosuly, Facebook had been “valued” at anywhere from $6bn to $15bn, though the rumoured Microsoft take-over never happened.