Microsoft wants socially conscious Xbox 360 games


xbox-360-g4c.jpgNo, I don’t think Manhunt 2 will qualify. Microsoft has got together with campaigning body Games for Change to launch the Xbox 360 Games for Change Challenge, which it describes as a “socially minded global gaming competition”.

The idea is to get college students to develop games around the theme of global warming, with cash prizes going to the best entries, as well as the possibility of selling the games as Xbox Live Arcade downloads.

Hopefully the best entrants will show that they can incorporate a Big Serious Issue like climate change without producing a game that’s worthy but dull. My suggestion: an aquatic first-person shooter set in Norfolk after The Floods make Norwich the new Atlantis. With a cathedral level thrown in just to rile the Church of England…

Xbox 360 Games for Change Challenge

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Stuart Dredge
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