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xna-logo.jpgOnce upon a time, ALL computer games were developed in people’s bedrooms, y’know. This was in the days before you needed a hundred-strong team and multimillion-pound budget to make a top game (although the downside was that instead of Lara Croft, our heroes were more likely to be cartoon eggs called Dizzy, or skiing blokes named Horace).

Anyway, the days of bedroom coding aren’t completely gone. Check out the XNA Game Development competition, which is open to anyone using Microsoft’s XNA software. The organisers are looking for entries in three categories – Artwork, Music and Gameplay – with the aim of teaming the winners up to create some marvellous homebrew games.

You’ll have to get your skates on to participate though: entries for the art and sound categories close on 12th June, while the coding part opens on 15th June and lasts for 48 hours.

The judging panel will involve a bunch of “games industry insiders and experts” (i.e. people who’ve completed Gears Of War on Insane difficulty level). The theme is ‘Ocean Odyssey’, and there’s a stack of Microsoft kit to be won. The competition is being run by the recently-formed XNA UK User Group.

XNA UK User Group Competition website

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  • The XNA UK Users Group competition is definately drawing in a ton of community support. With the release of the Rare group’s XNA samples, the UK Users Group is big news. I would personally like to join in on the action however being in the US that is not an option 🙂

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