Microsoft bans modded consoles from Xbox Live


Xbox_ban_1805Microsoft is cracking down on users that try to access its Xbox Live service with modded consoles.

If users try to access the online gaming service using a console that Microsoft detects has been modded then they’ll receive an error Status Code: Z: 8015 – 190D.

The aim is to apparently keep Xbox Live fair and stop cheaters and keep a fair environment for all gamers.

Users accounts won’t be banned from the service, but they will no longer be able to access Xbox Live from the console in question.

“We have stated in the past that customers can only enjoy access to the Xbox LIVE community through the use of a genuine, unmodified, Xbox console and we will continue to enforce this rule to ensure the integrity of our service, the protection of our partners and the benefits of our users,” Aaron Greenberg, Group Mgr, Marketing & PR, Xbox Platform wrote on the Gamerscore blog.

Will Head
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