YouTube star Esmee Denters signs to Justin Timberlake's record label

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Forget American Idol: 21 million YouTube views is what you need to get a record deal nowadays. At least, that’s the implication of the news that Dutch teenager Esmee Denters has signed to Tennman Records on the back of her massive YouTube popularity.

Not heard of Tennman Records? It was set up last month by a chap called Justin Timberlake, who’s acting as chairman and CEO of the label. Besides funding Esmee’s debut album, Justin’s taking her on tour with him as support at his upcoming Scandinavian dates.

Esmee’s album will be one of the first big tests of whether popularity on YouTube translates into real-world record sales, alongside fellow YouTube star Mia Rose.

Esme Denters YouTube channel

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  • hey esmee i love your music u are the best i hope someday i could be just like u keep up the good work. bye

  • esmee you rock! maybe one day my music will make me famous 2! keep up the good work!


  • I can’t wait for Esmee’s cd! I hope it gets released in the U.S. in time to silence that annoying American Idol Jordin Sparks. I think it’s so funny that American Idol rigged their show just so they could get a teenaged winner, and now, here comes teenager Esmee on the scene, and she’s gonna knock Jordin right out of the game!

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