Acer launches Ferrari GPS satnav device

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ferrari-acer-gps.jpgImagine how fun Formula 1 would be if they made it compulsory to navigate around the track using really rubbish GPS hardware? Half the cars would be going round the track the wrong way following the increasingly stern instructions of a posh woman’s voice, while the other half would be off on a tour of local Points Of Interest.

Sadly, until that comes to pass, the F1 / GPS crossover will be limited to Acer’s admittedly spiffing-looking new Ferrari-branded navigator. It’s got a 2.8-inch QVGA display, an external speaker, and uses ALK’s CoPilot v6.0 software to get you from A to B.

Oh, and Michael Schumacher supplies the voice. Well, if he doesn’t, he should.

(via NaviGadget)

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