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Apple is hoping that bringing its Safari browser to Windows will tempt PC users away from Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, you could say the reaction to the app’s public beta has been… mixed. Well, mainly negative, if I’m honest.

Kat wasn’t too keen in her review here yesterday, and elsewhere in the blogosphere, Safari for Windows is also coming in for plenty of stick…

Who in their right mind would run Safari on Windows? (Wired)
“Safari sucks. A lot of Mac users won’t run the browser (I’m one of them), so why would anyone run it on Windows?”

Malware writers may be delighted by Safari for Windows (Guardian Unlimited)
“Safari for Windows is only a public beta, which is just as well. Security researchers and malware writers explored it with some relish…”

First look: Safari 3 beta on Windows vs. Firefox… (Ars Technica)
“Although Safari offers slightly faster page loading, the beta is extremely unstable and suffers from interface deficiencies that make its value on the Windows platform questionable at best.”

Safari Beta Security Slammed; 8 Vulnerabilities… (Mac Rumors)
“Not even a day after Apple unleashed its Safari 3 beta into the wild, security researchers have found a host of security issues for both the Mac OS X and Windows versions.”

Safari for Windows: Ca-Ching! (O’Reilly Mac DevCenter)
“Safari/Win actually is selling something to the public – eyeballs for Google. And that’s the secret sauce that makes it all worthwhile.”

Safari for Windows – Do we really need another browser? (Hardware 2.0)
“I don’t see Safari catching on in any big way on the Windows platform. It’s too ugly (really ugly, especially on Vista, in fact, I’m looking at it now and it’s so darn ugly that it’s actually making me angry) and there’s no one unique feature that stands out as being worthy of making a switch.”

Safari for Windows falls short of top browsers (eWeek)
“Even experienced Mac users may find some frustration when using Safari on Windows, as the customization and extensibility options for Safari on Windows are currently much lower than they are on the Mac.”

Safari for Windows download website

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