iRex iLiad – the e-book reader with clarity


The problem with selling e-book readers is trying to convince the world that it really needs one. Because, let’s be honest, a paperback can be picked up for next to nothing and disposed of at the local charity shop. It’s probably a lot clearer to read too.

But the iRex iLiad aims to challenge that negative thinking. It’s an A5-sized device that can display black and white text and images, as well as being able to turn handwriting and doodles into something more legible. And it’s very clear, thanks to its Electronic Paper Display, which should read as easily as your pulp novel.

There’s also Wi-Fi connectivity for accessing the ever growing number of e-books out there or sending your scribbles back to a PC. Available now, but for a bit more than the latest Harry Potter – £435.

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