Will Universal be the second major label to make its digital music DRM-free?

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That’s what The Times reckons, anyway. In a report this weekend, the newspaper claimed that Universal Music is launching a trial of DRM-free digital music, to see if it’s worth following fellow major label EMI in ditching copyright protection.

Apparently, Universal will decide later this year whether the experiment has been successful enough to get rid of DRM for good – which in turn might force fellow major labels Sony BMG and Warner Music Group to follow suit. Universal artists include Snow Patrol, 50 Cent and Amy Winehouse (pictured).

In more DRM-free news, following the launch of EMI’s catalogue on iTunes as DRM-free iTunes Plus downloads, Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ reached number 5 in the UK iTunes chart. However, sales of the DRM-free version weren’t enough to get it into the official UK Top 40 Album Chart this weekend.

(via Times Online)

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