Hate digital music DRM? Buy the t-shirts!

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If you count yourself part of the iPod generation, you’re probably well aware of the ongoing controversy around digital rights management (DRM) for digital music. In a nutshell: people sell you music, but won’t let you play it on any device you want.

Thankfully, the idea is fast becoming discredited, with Apple having launched its DRM-free iTunes Plus downloads, and the major record labels increasingly likely to drop their resistance to DRM-free tunes (the indies saw the light ages ago).

Anyway, enough explanation. Blog TorrentFreak is running a marvellous competition to design a cool anti-DRM t-shirt. The 47 (!) nominees are online now to be voted on, and the winner will be printed up and sold. Check out some of the best above and after the jump.





TorrentFreak anti-DRM t-shirt competition

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  • I couldn’t care less, I pods are killing the future of music anyway. I’d much rather get off my ass and go buy a PROPER PHYSICAL piece of music than sit around lazily clicking a mouse like this ‘I Pod Generation” you talk of.

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