Sony rumoured to be revamping the PSP – at last!

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sony-psp-redesign-coming.jpgKotaku has a bunch of information about Sony’s rumoured plans for a PSP redesign, which if true sounds like it could kickstart the device’s fightback against Nintendo’s DS.

It’ll still have the same hardware inside, but the PSP 1.5 (as nobody is calling it) will be much slimmer, with a slinky new screen and – this is the good bit – battery life up to FOUR TIMES the original PSP.

And there’s more: the D-pad will be sorted out, loading times will be faster, and there’ll be 8GB of internal flash memory. A built-in camera is apparently a possibility too, albeit one that may be nixed by cost issues.

If true, it’s good news: the PSP is long overdue a redesign to correct some of its flaws. Don’t get me wrong: I’m no PSP-knocker. Since I grabbed Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and Sid Meier’s Pirates for it, Sony’s device has actually displaced my DS as the device I’m taking on train journeys.

But nevertheless, the battery life and new D-pad in particular will give PSP a much-needed boot up the nether regions. Now, all it needs is a few more innovative games, and Nintendo will have proper competition in the handheld gaming market – which whichever platform you prefer, is good news.

(via Kotaku)

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  • The update sounds great, especially the 8gb drive. That being said, I’m curious to see what the pricing is on the new device. A big reason the DS lite worked so well (in addition to games like brain training and New Super Mario) was that it was priced the same as the original ds. People who were on the fence about the purchase had new reason to pick one up, and they got features/sleek design for the same price…

    If sony can keep the price of the 1.5 the same as the current psp I think they will have a winner on their hands… question is, with Nintendo’s install base well over 40 million and growing, is it too late?

  • its a shame that although the current psp has some flaws that this isnt the reason the DS is doing better. Now if they stopped with the PS2 ports and started developing decent games designed for a handheld they might have been a threat.

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