DS games are "fantastic" says, er, Sony VP

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sony-psp-device.jpgFirst we had last week’s Bill Gates / Steve Jobs love-in, and now Sony is praising its arch-rival Nintendo. If this spirit of love and togetherness continues, maybe the consumer electronics firms will sort out the Blu-ray / HD DVD confusion. Okay, maybe not.

Still, Zeno Colaço, VP of publisher and developer relations at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), has been fulsome in his praise of Nintendo, and slightly rueful in his assessment of PSP’s performance.

“Nintendo can take a lot of credit for launching a different type of product for a slightly different consumer and it’s done exceptionally well. I think some of the DS games have been fantastic. Where in hindsight we’ve been short is one or two killer apps that would have been able to drive PSP forward.”

Colaço also admits that a lot of early PSP games were unambitious ports from PS2, despite Sony having advised publishers and developers against the policy. However, he reckons Sony’s business model for the PSP is still strong, and predicts the device will come into its own in 2008, as online play and connectivity with PS3 become more of a factor.

(via Pocket Gamer)

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