Does the iPhone have GPS built in?

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iphone-gps-rumour.jpgFor heaven’s sake. Now that the iPhone’s release date has been confirmed as 29th June, you’d think the online gossiphounds would have taken a week off.

But no. They’re already sniffing eagerly around rumours of a mysterious ‘twelfth icon’ that doesn’t quite appear onscreen in Apple’s new iPhone TV ads. The theory goes that it’s GPS, which will tie in with the Google Maps service to provide navigation and mapping goodness.

On the one hand, it’d be an admirable PR ploy to suddenly reveal a hot new feature at the last minute before the iPhone goes on sale. On the other, does the iPhone really need another battery-sapping feature? All will be revealed on 29th June, I guess. Maybe Apple will put GPS in the European version to make up for us having to wait…

(via NaviGadget)

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  • or maybe its there cause it is connected to a separate bluetooth gps? oooooh white shiny gps recever from apple with led lit apple on (white light for online? lol!)…

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