Finally, iPhone US launch date announced: Friday 29th June

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Those who haven’t been attending the iPhone pre-launch party (and why not? Don’t tell me you don’t care) may not be aware quite how many rumours have been surrounding the date that Apple’s first smartphone will launch in the US.

While Apple rumours are nothing unusual, iPhone hype has been so strong that it seems as if every day in June has had a believable reason attached for Apple dropping the iPhone into AT&T stores.

Admittedly, journalist’s cousins overhearing junior AT&T staff talking about a release date isn’t hugely confidence building, but it hasn’t stopped the stories being published.

Anyway, this is just a long-winded way of reiterating what the title of this article has already made perfectly clear: Apple has officially announced the day that the iPhone will be available to buy in the States.

Friday 29th June.

By way of three TV ads, Apple has been showing off its iPhone to the nation. The phone doesn’t look any less amazing now than it did back in January when Steve Jobs played with it on stage at MacWorld.

Actually getting an iPhone will be another matter. Reports are circulating that each AT&T store may have less than 40 handsets available on the first day, and Steve Jobs has already advised against going to an Apple Store to buy one.

At least some speculation is now dead, and we can move on to more important things like accessories (if there’s any cash left over after stumping up for a $500 phone), and just how good that touchscreen really is.

The next date we’ll have to work on is when it launches in the UK.

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  • You should head over to iEngadget. After posting about a dozen iPhone articles so far today they’ve now posted one saying “in case you’ve missed the news, iPhone has a launch date!”. Missed the news? The page is full of it!

    It’s freakin’ hilarious how these tech bloggers are hyping up Jobs free of charge – perhaps they’re all hoping to avoid the 500 bucks and snag an LG KE850 – sorry, iPhone – for free…..?

    PS – Note how 500 bucks is “far too much for a PS3” but perfectly reasonable for a phone…..

  • Hang on a second; surely this article on Apple must include copious references to Sony, Microsoft, Nokia etc etc – regardless of whether they are actually relevant references of course.

    Isn’t that how it works these days? I mean, the likes of Sony can’t take a leek without tech “commentators” or “journalists” referencing the iPod, iPhone, iMac blah blah blah.

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