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Get the buzz on the iPhone here : Which UK network will get the iPhone?

All times are London (GMT):

7.10pm: Keynote speech is over.

7.02pm: Now John Meyer is taking to the stage for a performance – a la Apple – finish with some music.

7pm: Looks to be wrapping up – standing ovations – thanks to developers -families – etc.

6.58pm: Company name change – going to be called Apple inc. – no longer Apple Computer Inc.

6.56pm: Want to grab 1% of the mobile phone market – there’s 957m sold worldwide so that would give Apple around 10m.

6.55pm: Steve back on stage. Something’s going on with the ‘clicker’ he’s using to present with – all a stage trick of course… talking about ‘tv scramblers etc – well anyway…

6.45pm: Stan Sigman from Cingular on stage – entered agreement with Apple without even seeing the phone. exceeded expectations. in US price of the phone includes 2 yr contract with cingular.

6.42pm: Comes with stereo headphones, mic, and switch. Bluetooth accessory also available – auto pairing.

6.41pm: Compares to other phones – with audience laughter.

6.40pm: Great reaction from TUAW: “Internet communicator, iPod and a phone – let’s see what you can do in a real-life scenario.” He listens to the Red Hot Chili Peppers–he loves those guys–and a phone call comes through. The music freaking. fades. out.. Phil, on the phone, “I was hoping you could send me a picture so I can make it a wallpaper” emailing a pic from iPhoto (on phone, remember) while still on call with Phil. Take THAT Zune.”

6.35pm: Steve back on stage. More demo’ing of emailing to a person whilst talking to them on the phone. Lots of neat tricks.

6.34pm: Talking about reinventing Yahoo mail apps – says mail on the iPhone is killer – “take great form factors and great ui and take them to semless web experience”

Continued after fold…

6.33pm: Congrats. to Steve for making iPhone reality – then says ‘you can’t think of Internet without thinking of Yahoo’ – gets Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, on stage. “I would love to have one of these too, what a great device, hopefully partnering with a whole variety of other services from Yahoo!”

6.31pm: Talks about close collaboration of Apple and Google (AppleGoog?) – merging without merging. WIMAX is coming. (Schmidt is on Apple Board of Directors) Sounds as if Google did the pushing to be involved with Apple. Wow…

6.30pm: Google CEO Eric Schmidt takes to the stage.

6.28pm: iPhone: Gets stock price of Apple – nicely up – Demo’s Google Maps – phone knows where you are.

6.27pm: iPhone: Picture of iPhone from Engadget

6.25pm: iPhone: Demo’ing widgets – look like regular widgets.

6.24pm: iPhone: Demo’ing browsing Amazon DVDs.

6.22pm: iPhone: Loads up NY Times in Safari – switches orientation from portrait to landscape – auto switches.

Pinch screen to increase size of view

Can look at multiple pages at once – similar effect to OS X Exposé

6.17pm: iPhone: Collaboration with Yahoo – free IMAP email to all iPhone customers. Push IMAP same as Blackberry

6.16pm: iPhone: Summing it up: Apple reinvented the mobile phone – internet communicator on phone – rich HTML email – any IMAP or POP account – uses Safari web browser – Google Maps – Widgets (this is OS X after all) – EDGE & Wifi – automatic switching.

6.15pm: iPhone: Make photos wallpaper for the phone.

6.14pm: iPhone: These ‘gestures’ done all with the fingers let you resize photos by ‘pinching’ on the screen to make pics smaller, or expand to make them bigger. Wow.

6.13pm: iPhone: Photos work just like the OS X iPhotos application. Scrolling.

One photo was supposed to be landscape, he turned device and it switched auto [MacRumorsLive]

6.12pm: MacObserver says Apple stock is up 3.4% (about 2.80 a share).

6.11pm: iPhone: Multi-session SMS messaging. Onscreen keyboard with cool ‘typewriter’ 3D effect.

6.10pm: iPhone: Icons all come up in beautiful OS X glory – reflections – etc.

6.05pm: iPhone: Demos 3-way conference call.

This is all amazing – features are being thrown out all over the place. We’ll summarise this amazing new piece of kit after the Keynote (and our breath returns)

6pm: Photos from MacRumorsLive: iphonegraphics.jpg

6pm: iPhone: Move to widescreen automatic, built in speaker for iphone/ipod

Making call is the “killer app” – visual voicemail – GSM+EDGE – wifi – bluetooth – quad band.

Keypad appears on screen for making calls – type in number – or scroll through contacts.

5.58pm: iPhone: Demo’ing with the Beatles (oh the irony)

5.57pm: iPhone: As per previous rumours, has the Cingular wireless logo on top – wonder what’ll happen in the UK if and when it arrives?

5.55pm: iPhone: Icons on display – unlock phone by sliding fingers across the bottom – cover flow for finding music (a la iTunes) – widescreen video.

5.54pm: iPhone: Now showing us the actual device. It looks like an iPod, but has a dark gray face. [AppleMatters] 5.53pm: iPhone: Proximity sensor, when you bring it to ear, turns off display and sound:

Ambient light sensor, saves power.

5.52pm: iPhone: One button on front – 3.5 inch high-res screen (highest res ever shipped – 160ppi), something for the hand. 11/16″ thin, 2mp camera.

5.51pm: iPhone: Syncs with iTunes, syncs all media, calendars, syncs using cradle like ipod does.

5.50pm: iPhone: Networking, phone, desktop class apps, core animation…

5.49pm: iPhone: “Has everything you need”

5.48pm: iPhone: Patented system based on years of research – multifinger gestures – multitouch – works like magic – ‘iPhone’ will run OS X (of course)

5.46pm: iPhone: “we want to make a product way smarter than what’s been around before
here it is”

Talking about revolutionary interface – interplay of hardware and software – problem with existing solutions are the keyboards and fixed buttons- different applications need different user interfaces. “No one wants a stylus”

5.44pm: iPhone: “They” are calling it the iPhone. “They” call these devices “smartphones” – they’re smart not easy to use… says Steve.


  1. Widescreen iPod

  2. Mobile phone

  3. Internet communicator


5.40pm: Apple logo comes on screen. Steve begins to talk about changing world since 1984.

5.39pm: Apple TV: Retailing US$299. “We think this is pretty cool,” says Steve. Uh-huh, I reckon.

5.33pm: Apple TV: 720p HDTV. 40 GB HD confirmed [TUAW]

Makes sense – 1080p could be a future enhancement probably – wirelessly would be difficult – 720p is likely to be fine for first box…

videowall.jpg5.34pm: Picture from MacRumorsLive: looks like a massive video wall:

5.32pm: Apple TV: Going through various film demos.

5.30pm: Apple TV: Doing demo. Apple Remote, screensaver, cover art, images, movie scrolling menu. Can watch streaming theatrical trailers.

5.28pm: Apple TV: “You can stream content from 5 machines, or auto-sync from one computer. You can set up an apple tv from iTunes to automatically push them to Apple TV.” [AppleMatters]

Doesn’t store on hard drive.

5.28pm: Apple TV: Has an intel processor (of course!)

5.27pm: Apple TV: Features usb2, ethernet, wifi networking (802.11b, g, and n), HDMI

5.24pm: New ads for iPod – iLounge – bright people dancing. [Will try to get some video of this after the event]

5.22pm: Comparing Zune marketshare to iPod – in November ’06 Zune had 2% marketshare – other players had 36% – iPod 62%

5.21pm: Paramount to begin selling movies through iTunes today – 250 movies on iTunes over the next week.

5.21pm: 50 million TV shows have ben sold through iTunes.

5.20pm: 5th largest music reseller – 58 songs per second – now sell more than Amazon.

5.19pm: Awesomeness of iPod and iTunes – 2bn songs sold on iTunes.

5.18pm: Steve is saying 2007 is going to be a great year for the Mac. But he is saying that today he is going to move on. Now dicsussing the iPod. [Applematters]

5.17pm: Steve shows a Windows Vista ad – presumably we’ll have some Microsoft banter given what Gates said at CES yesterday – and typically Apple.

5.17pm: Macs being sold to people who never owned Macs before.

5.16pm: “”Switch to Intel in 7 months instead of 12, most successful transition in Apple history.” Steve is profusely thanking intel for help with the transition. Another thank you to 3rd-party devs.” [TUAW]

5.15pm: Begins by talking about the ‘year of Intel’ – huge transplant –

5.14pm: “we are going to make some history today”

5.14pm: Steve on stage.

5.13pm: Apparently Steve Jobs’ family is in the audience. Heard rumours of a lot of Steve’s friends being present too. He’d better not be re… nah…

5.09pm: Crowds cheering, Sheryl Crow playing (not live…)

5.08pm: And we’re off… I think…

5.05pm: Yes, we should have started but delegates are still taking their seats. It’s hard being patient, particularly when relying upon web feeds. Stay tuned – I’m watching a LOT of live feeds so that if one site cracks under the pressure (happens every time – 2 sites have gone down already) there’s plenty more to bring you news from Steve…

4.50pm: As is usual, online Apple Store’s are closed, ready for all the new goodies about to be announced…

Full coverage of Steve Jobs’ Keynote speech at Macworld 2007 will appear here from 5pm GMT (9am PST) today.

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