Macworld 2009 Keynote live coverage: 5pm GMT today


It’s the first keynote without Steve Jobs, and Apple’s last visit to Macworld (at least for now), so it’s one to watch.

What products will Apple announce?

Will Phil Schiller wear the same outfit as Steve? (not exactly the same one, I hope)

Will Steve Jobs make a guest appearance as “one more thing” ?

Which soft rock star will play out the keynote this year?

All this, and more, will be answered at 5pm GMT (9am PST), so come back then and enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is an Apple keynote.

Jobs admits 'hormone imbalance', says he's getting better


Steve Jobs’ health has long been a topic of discussion among both tech sites, and people who own stock in Apple. It’s no secret that Jobs, to all intents and purposes, IS Apple, and investors know this, such that every time there’s a rumour about his health, Apple’s stock takes a nosedive.

Well, Jobs has come out and set the record straight, blaming a “hormone imbalance” for his weight loss. In an open letter on the Apple website, Steve has laid out the reasons why he’s been looking a little peaky. He’s undergoing treatment for his ‘mystery illness’, and says he reckons he’ll be back to normal by late Spring. The full text of the letter is over the jump.

Steve Jobs in internet PR DISASTER! Calls fan "rude" as assistant "snort laughs" at photo request

It’s today’s most exciting Apple news!

Some woman (her side of the story) went up to Steve Jobs when he was standing around idly at MacWorld.

She “lightly touched his arm and said ‘hi'” and asked for a photo of her and the man, but was promptly told, by Steve, that she was being rude! He then turned his back on her as one of his Apple chums “snort laughed” at her.

Worse yet, the aftermath of the event was captured on film and is now doing the rounds on various video sharing sites. Like this one:

Opinion: Genuine Apple fan seeks exciting Apple Keynote

I was hoping to write a glowing report of Steve Jobs’ Macworld 2008 keynote presentation yesterday, but (even as an ardent Apple fan) I have found myself disappointed.

Granted, it was always going to be difficult for Apple to eclipse last year’s iPhone announcement, but I felt myself wanting more.

Maybe I’m getting too old, but I find myself desiring function much more than form. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that the product announcement I was most impressed with was the Time Capsule. That’s pretty sad in itself, because it amounts to not much more than an upgraded Airport Extreme with a large hard drive in it, and existing software built in to OS X Leopard.

Opinion: Is Apple a bigger danger to our lives than Microsoft?

Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes… I thought I could rely on Apple so this morning I awoke to disappointment in Steve Jobs after his Macworld announcements yesterday. I was sure he’d launch a new iPhone with either 3G or bigger storage memory, thus annoying the FOUR MILLION people who have now, like cult followers, signed up to the iPhone religion.

But it was a clever move. Save that announcement for a couple of months time, and bring a second-generation device out around a year after the first and no-one can have any complaints… can they? After all, technology is always changing and those of us who spend fortunes on gadgets and gizmos, only to see them bettered just weeks later, are fools of our own making. I do it, as much as you…