Steve Jobs in internet PR DISASTER! Calls fan "rude" as assistant "snort laughs" at photo request


It’s the all-time most exciting Apple news-cum-scandal! Some woman (her side of the story) went up to Steve Jobs when he was standing around idly at MacWorld.

She “lightly touched his arm and said ‘hi'” and asked for a photo of her and the famous geek man, but was promptly told, by Steve, that she was being rude. He then turned his back on her as one of his Apple chums “snort laughed” at her. So she went away, broken and sad.

Worse yet, the aftermath of the event was captured on film and is now doing the rounds on various video sharing sites. Like this one:

Steve obviously hasn’t responded, but the Fake Steve Jobs has in quite a funny way. Are you following all of this? It’s probably too confusing an update for this late on a Friday afternoon, so it’s OK if you just scroll down and read about something simpler to get. I won’t be offended, plus our server statistics don’t actually say if people read and understand our updates anyway.

Additional facts about Steve’s moment of fan-ignoring-shame can be found over on poor Violet Blue’s Flickr account.

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  • In the news this week:

    1) Steve Jobs is an arrogant, self-important, Narcissistic a$$hole with a messianic complex.
    2) Bears defecate in the woods.
    3) Pope wears silly hat.
    4) Apple get away with charging customers with supposedly above average IQs more money for less features (but you can have those features for even more money).

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