Lose weight using your iPod or PSP – with the X-Bike 600


I’m always impressed by the way retailers and manufacturers shoehorn the word “iPod” into sales pitches. Trixter has gone even further, managing to connect both the iPod and Sony PSP into the promotion for its X-Bike 600 excercise system.

Let’s be honest, this is an exercise bike, nothing more. But worth a look if you want to get in shape. A 30-minute spell on the X-Bike 600 burns off 500 calories, using an action that replicates riding a mountain bike outdoors. So where do the gadgets come in?

Well, instead of positioning your bike in front of the TV, you can connect a Sony PSP or iPod and pick up specially created programmes, taking you through exercise classes from the bike seat. All are suited to any age or condition, thanks to 200 resistance settings on the bike.

The X-Bike 600 is priced at £749. The workouts retail for around £10.

X-Bike website

Dave Walker
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