PSP firmware update means Remote Play is GO GO GO!


psps-ps3.jpgAs an owner of a PS3 and PSP, I’m still not quite sold on their Remote Play feature, where you can access media files stored on your PS3 from your PSP, wherever you are in the world.

It’s neat in theory, but relies on a.) your PS3 being turned on when you’re on a work trip or holiday, and b.) you not having an iPod or other device to hand with your fave albums and music on it.

Nevertheless, if you disagree and are foaming at the mouth for Remote Play, you’ll be pleased to hear that Sony has just upgraded the PSP’s firmware to version 3.50, which updates the device to take advantage of Remote Play over the network.

It’s about time too – last week the PS3’s firmware was upgraded to support the feature, leaving PSP owners waiting for a similar update before they could use it. According to, you now login using your PSN user email address and password, then stream away to your heart’s content.

To be honest, I’m more excited about the RSS Channel Guide feature for PSP, which should make it easier to browse and sign up for RSS feeds on Sony’s device. But then I am a certified nerd. Now, can someone get to work on this thing…

(via PSPSPS)

Stuart Dredge
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