New study suggests digital gadgets are going to waste


sony-new-bravia.jpgA new survey of 1,000 adults by Virgin Media suggests that more is being spent on digital gadgetry than on home improvements.

Three-quarters of those surveyed said that they had spent over ten grand on electronic equipment in the past year — seven times more than on their homes.

However, one in twenty people are letting these devices go to waste, because they don’t know how to set them up. That apparently includes the likes of plasma TVs (how hard can it be?).

Three percent of people, who probably answered sheepishly, admitted that they’d broken kit before getting it to work, while only a quarter of people seem to understand even the basic functions on their digital TVs, broadband, and mobile phones.

James Kydd, managing director of marketing at Virgin Media, said: “Today’s technology can really make life simpler and more entertaining, but can also be difficult to get to grips with if you don’t have straightforward advice.”

Virgin Media and gadget guru Jason Bradbury have come to the rescue, though, by producing a simple guide to the digital home. Assuming you know how to use a TV or can send a text message using your mobile phone, it’s available by calling 0800 876 6889, or texting “Vrgin Media Guide” to 80010.

I wonder if they mention Sky?

Andy Merrett
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