This week's hottest Wii stories: Wii 2 rumours, Soul Calibur co-op, Mega Miis and more…



For me, the big news in the Nintendo Wii world is that I’m still rubbish at Mario Strikers Charged Football. Well, either that, or the rest of the world is just improving quicker than I am. However, over on WiiWii they’ve shamefully neglected this hot story in favour of some more widely relevant stuff. Here’s ten posts worth reading.

Industry analyst predicts “Wii 2″
Soul Calibur to Feature Co-Op Play
Mercury Meltdown Revolution Nintendo Wii video review
Old people playing Wii, the movie
Coming soon – swap Stars for Wii Points!
Mega Mii Parade – A new record!
Windows gets a Wii Cursor theme
Make a Dr. Zoidberg Mii
Pilotwings rumoured for Wii
The Nintendo 8-Bit Zombie tshirt

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