Get your Halo 3 Zune now (if you're in the US)

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halo3-zune.jpgOh woe. Woe! Us Brits can’t buy a Zune yet, and it’s still unclear whether we’ll be able to this side of Christmas. For those of us who think Microsoft’s personal media player could – eventually – provide some much-needed competition for Apple’s iPod, the ongoing delay in bringing Zune across the Atlantic is frustrating.

But anyway. Assuming you live in the US, have a good friend who lives in the US, or know the right importers, you can now buy a Halo 3 edition Zune. They’re being sold by US retailer Gamestop for $249.99, and come with preloaded Halo 3 videos, plus the soundtracks from Halo and Halo 2.

Halo 3 Zune at Gamestop (via I4U News)

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