Microsoft Zune gets a US price cut

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sameoldzunepic.jpgUs Europeans haven’t even got our hands on Microsoft’s Zune player yet, and Americans are already getting money off the thing. Bah.

Not that Microsoft will be entirely happy at the news that US retailers are knocking as much as $60 off the $249.99 device – it’s unclear whether the company is behind the cuts, or if the retailers are just trying to kickstart the market for Zunes before new versions turn up later in the year.

Although Microsoft says it’s on course to have sold a million Zunes by the end of this month, demand has been reportedly less-than-stellar. Which makes you wonder, is it really the price that’s been stopping consumers put their hands in their pockets, or are there deeper issues with Zune stopping it from being the iPod-killer Microsoft hoped for?

(via PMP Today)

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Stuart Dredge
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  • We should consider ourselves lucky. I played with one of these in the US earlier this year. What a clunky piece of junk (OK I am biased!) But seriously bulky and un-pocketable! A 2nd gen machine is needed if they seriously expect people to buy this thing!

  • OR

    could it be that the retailers have caught wind that there’s a next generation Zune is on its way and they want to clear out present inventories?

    Go buy an iPod if you don’t like it….hahaha…

  • The biggest problem for MS is fashion. Apple is fashionable and hip and you are a bit of a “loser” or out of touch if you buy another product.

    However, as we all know fashion fades. Once upon a time you were nothing unless you had a Sony Walkman. Will come a time when people are embarrassed to own an iPod.

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