BlackBerry Pearl 2 to be joining size zero club?

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The BlackBerry Pearl has only been available for eight months, but it sounds highly probable that we’ll be seeing a second version before the year is out. Gizmodo has reported that RIM have a second one on the cards, as the first has proven extremely popular due to the streamlined aesthetics, trackball, and MicroSD port for media playback, which previous models didn’t contain.

The new features the BlackBerry Pearl will be touting? Read on under the jump for the deets on this saliva-worthy mobile phone…

The big news is that apparently it will contain high-speed EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimised, a fast way of accessing the internet on your mobile used on CDMA networks), the first BlackBerry to have any form of 3G internet access as yet.

30% of the weight has been shed for the new version, with almost 8mm in depth being lost. Nonetheless, the camera has been upgraded from 1.3-mp to 2-mp, plus still has the MicroSD card we saw in the previous version.

Gizmodo claims it’ll be out in the last quarter of 2007, so ideal for those renewing their contracts around Christmas, or expect a £400+ mobile to be bulking up their Christmas stockings. More news as soon as we get them!

BlackBerry Pearl (via Gizmodo).

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  • The Pearl 2 should become a very very popular device. Now WIFI as standard, easy access MicroSD Card on the left side for ease. Camera experience is great. The Media player now supports a lot more media file formats. RIM have also worked a lot on the Suretype and is a lot easier to get to grips with. Watch out for the 8310 quarter 1 next year, and also a serious upgrade to the 8707 3G device.

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