T-Mobile and RIM offer exclusive white BlackBerry Pearl

Mobile phones

blackberry-pearl-white-t-mobile.jpgT-Mobile and RIM have announced the availability of the white BlackBerry Pearl smartphone, exclusively to T-Mobile subscribers and available within its stores across the UK. It follows a similar deal introduced to the US earlier in the year.

Feature-wise, it offers the same key features of the original BlackBerry, including Internet access, email, smart dialling, conference calling, speakerphone, speed dial, and call forwarding, plus quad-band network support. It also uses T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk service.

The handset features polyphonic and MP3 ringtones, Bluetooth support, and an enhanced version of RIM’s SureType QWERTY keypad technology designed to make typing messages or making phone calls quick and easy.

The handset will be available free with appropriate price plans.


Andy Merrett
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