Comparison of RIM's BlackBerry Pearl 8110, Curve 8310 and Bold 9000 smartphones


The BlackBerry 9000 was officially announced by Research In Motion this morning, and within minutes I was on the phone to my mobile contract provider, arranging the return of the Pearl 8110 I’d just ordered. Even though the 9000 won’t be out until Summer, it’s still worth waiting for, in my opinion.

Or is it? Do you prefer the 45g-bar-of-chocolate-size of the Pearl 8110, or the BlackBerry Maps featured in the Curve 8310? Let’s take a look below the jump at the key features of the three feathers RIM has in its cap…

Shiny Video Review: RIM's BlackBerry Pearl 8110

Haven’t caught wind of the new 8110 Pearl handset from BlackBerry? Well, lucky for you, our very own Katie Lee has put together a short review of the Blue Slate mobile, and pitted it against the original Pearl, which she’s already very fond of.

She also touches on the new price plans from T-Mobile, just recently announced, which include instant email for only £5 a month…

Top five crap Valentine’s Day colourways/products to get your loved loathed one tomorrow

This happens but once a year, where companies feel compelled to spray-paint their products an embarrassing shade of red or pink in the hopes some daft fool will be forced to buy it at 5.42pm on the 14th of February, because Godiva and Charbonnel et Walker have run out of chocolates.

Here’s my top five pick of what not to buy someone for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Not a single one. No-one. Just don’t do it. Get them some tins of Green Giant niblets instead.

1.) Sony VAIO CR notebook – an expensive present for your loved one, this red-painted laptop will set you back $1,000, however you can be safe in the knowledge your partner will slap you for insulting him/her with a red matching cover and heart-shaped key chain. What? You think they actually like Sony VAIOs?!….

Hark, the herald businessmen sing, as RIM's BlackBerry Pearl 2 (or 8130) is announced in US

blackberry-pearl-2-mobile.jpgIt’s been expected for several months now, and finally, finally we have news confirming its existence – yes, the BlackBerry Pearl 2, or 8130 for folk with good memories, has been launched.

Pocket-Lint is reporting that RIM has launched the follow-up to the insanely popular smartphone in the States, and that it supports 3G internet access, and has GPS with BlackBerry Maps, A2DP Bluetooth…

Rumours abound about RIM's BlackBerry Pearl 2 (Komet), again

blacklberry.jpgMore rumours are floating about the intertubes regarding the BlackBerry Pearl 2 we reported on a week ago, this time with even more pants-wettingly attractive features than before. Plus, the internal code-name has been leaked also – Komet. Kind of like a poor man’s reindeer, non?

It was first thought that the Pearl 2 would have a 2-megapixel camera, but it’s since been reported by Boy Genius Report that it’s even better than that – a whopping 3.2-megapixels will ensure your upskirt-shots will be crystal clear and jail-worthy. However it won’t be as subtle to take photos as before, as the camera will be located horizontally on the Pearl 2, much like the high-end camera phones which like to masquerade as proper digital cameras…