Rumours abound about RIM's BlackBerry Pearl 2 (Komet), again

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blacklberry.jpgMore rumours are floating about the intertubes regarding the BlackBerry Pearl 2 we reported on a week ago, this time with even more pants-wettingly attractive features than before. Plus, the internal code-name has been leaked also – Komet. Kind of like a poor man’s reindeer, non?

It was first thought that the Pearl 2 would have a 2-megapixel camera, but it’s since been reported by Boy Genius Report that it’s even better than that – a whopping 3.2-megapixels will ensure your upskirt-shots will be crystal clear and jail-worthy. However it won’t be as subtle taking photos as before, as the camera will be located horizontally on the Pearl 2, much like the high-end camera phones which like to masquerade as proper digital cameras these days.

Spoiling for more gossip regarding the specs? Why, you little rumour-mongerer, you. Good thing Boy Genius Report have tons, including flash improvement and 6x digital zoom, 3.5mm headset jack, external MicroSD slot, new keypad technology, 240×260 LCD display, Wi-Fi capability, 64-MB of memory, 4.5 hours of talk time, 15 days of standby, Stereo Bluetooth, Windows DRM and MTP, improved mic with wind protection, high-speed USB…and the most important feature: HOT NEW METALLIC COLOURS LIKE RED, BLUE, GOLD AND BLACK!

Sorry, I think I just wet myself there.

BlackBerry Pearl (via Boy Genius Report).]

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  • I like the color and Iam curious to see if the pictures are that clear! Any word on availability yet?

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