New Tech Digest hero: Microsoft Zune tattoo man

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If this man weren’t, well, erm…let’s just say an almost complete opposite to George Clooney, I’d profess my undying love of him and launch a world-wide manhunt to marry him. Instead, I’ll simply give him the accolade of being our new Tech Digest hero. Tattooing yourself with Nintendo graphics? Sooo November-2006-launch-of-Wii. Tattooing yourself with the logo for Microsoft’s Zune, an MP3 player which has only sold a million units, and in most eyes, is a dismal piece of plastic which should’ve resided in Bill Gates’s mind? In the words of Paris Hilton, that’s hot.

ZuneScene tattoo pic (via Engadget).

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • Well if you think its fake you can watch Channel 10,, after July 5th and see for yourself that neither one of my Zune tattoos are fake, by the way George Clooney? Couldn’t you have judged me against someone not as old as my father?

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