Oral blogging becomes a reality thanks to Spin-my-Blog

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spinvox.pngSpinVox, who already has expertise in voice-to-text messaging services, today officially launched their Spin-my-Blog ‘voice-to-blog’ service that allows anyone to create blog entries simply by talking on their phone.

The service should work with any mobile handset and network, and means that bloggers don’t even need to have PC or web access to put an article up on their blog. They also avoid fiddly and limited text messaging. Simply by calling a standard telephone number and speaking the text they want blogged, the software converts their voice and posts it immediately on their chosen blog platform.

The service currently appears to work with Blogger, LiveJournal, and Vox, though there’s also a ‘generic’ option which may well offer integration with other systems. It makes use of SpinVox’s voice message conversion system (VCMS), developed in 2003 and working in their Voicemail-to-Text service online since 2005. There’s nothing to upgrade or download. Users are simply given a Spin-my-Blog phone number which is automatically connected to their blog.

It opens up greater possibilities in social networking and citizen journalism, allowing anyone to call the dedicated phone number for a particular blog, and add an entry to it (with permission, of course).

Spin-my-Blog has already undergone extensive trials and is can be tested at the SpinVox blog. Here’s an interview with Daniel Doulton, co-founder and VP of strategy and development at SpinVox soon, and get a better idea of the potential of this exciting new service.


Andy Merrett
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