The most expensive beer you'll ever home-brew?

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personalbrewery-sg.jpgSummer is nearly here, so “necking” a few pints in the sun is likely high on a fair few people’s sunny agendas. But what if your bored of cans of Fosters, and your local public house has only a meagre range of real ales. It’d be high-time to start brewing your own alcoholic concoctions in our books, and there’s none-more-stylish a brewing kit than the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery.

Built from stainless steel, it’ll handle every single step of the brewing process, from fermentation, to carbonation and serving thanks to hits mug-friendly spout. After a week’s worth of mixing and over beer-magicry, you’ll have an ice cold beer, chilled by the unit itself.

There is a catch of course, and that’s the price tag. At $4,500, it’ll probably be the most expensive beer you’ll ever drink, and paired with all the trouble of grabbing hops and leaving the brew to ferment, a trip down your local Weatherspoons may end up being the more sensible option.

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