World's smallest PC unveiled – the teeny, tiny, Compulab fit-PC Slim


fit-pc-slim.jpg“Honey, have you seen my PC?” “Did you check down the back of the sofa?”

That’s the refrain that’ll echo through the home offices of suburban Britain in the near future if this tiny, tiny PC takes off. This PC, no bigger than the palm of your hand, actually has surprisingly reasonable specs behind it. A 500MHz AMD Geode processor, upto 512MB of RAM, ethernet, Three USB ports, Wifi and a 60GB hard drive are available at maximum spec. Oh, and it runs Linux, obviously, though Windows XP is an option.

A barebones configuration with no WiFi, no hard drive, and just 256MB of RAM will cost you just US$220, and the full-spec model with Windows will cost you US$335. The PC, whose slogan is, hilariously, “where a fat PC doesn’t fit”, measures 11.6cm x 12 cm x 4cm, which is small, but means that the keys in the photo above are pretty massive. Either the makers have a massive lock on their door, or it’s been photoshopped a bit.

The fit-PC Slim only uses 6 watts of power, which would make Abi over at Hippyshopper smile ear-to-ear. It should be available later this year from Fit PC UK.

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