World's smallest PC unveiled – the teeny, tiny, Compulab fit-PC Slim


“Honey, have you seen my PC?” “Did you check down the back of the sofa?”

That’s the refrain that’ll echo through the home offices of suburban Britain in the near future if this tiny, tiny PC takes off. This PC, no bigger than the palm of your hand, actually has surprisingly reasonable specs behind it. A 500MHz AMD Geode processor, upto 512MB of RAM, ethernet, Three USB ports, Wifi and a 60GB hard drive are available at maximum spec. Oh, and it runs Linux, obviously, though Windows XP is an option…



Let this be a lesson to me. Never trust elderly neighbours. When I moved into my new flat a few weeks back, the my neighbour was all sweetness and light. She let us into the electricity meter box, so that we could get a reading to tell our supplier. She also revealed that she’s the only person in the entire universe with a key to the electricity box. No problem. I won’t need to get in there again for a long time….

Akhter Computers launch PC which uses less energy than a lightbulb


The world of technology isn’t exactly known for environmental friendliness. Greenpeace regularly rate a bunch of tech companies on their website and no-one is currently scoring higher than 5.1/10. Some companies score extremely poorly. Nintendo score just 0.8/10.

I’m a big fan of green tech. I studied Meteorology at University, and that came with a bunch of climate change and renewable energy classes. Both taught me a lot about what we really should be doing with our planet. Unfortunately, I also really like having new shiny gadgets full of pollutants and toxic substances. That internal conflict makes me sad sometimes, but I brightened up considerably when I saw the LoCO2PC…

Lights went out on Google Israel yesterday


If you missed it Google Israel went all black yesterday in honour of Earth Hour (something to do with raising awareness of energy conservation). Offline, Israelis were invited to turn off their lights from 8pm – 9pm, which is utterly ridiculous. Why not ask people to make sure they leave lights off during the day, rather then ask them to sit in darkness for an hour in the middle of the night?