Akhter Computers launch PC which uses less energy than a lightbulb

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green-pc.jpgThe world of technology isn’t exactly known for environmental friendliness. Greenpeace regularly rate a bunch of tech companies on their website and no-one is currently scoring higher than 5.1/10. Some companies score extremely poorly. Nintendo score just 0.8/10.

I’m a big fan of green tech. I studied Meteorology at University, and that came with a bunch of climate change and renewable energy classes. Both taught me a lot about what we really should be doing with our planet. Unfortunately, I also really like having new shiny gadgets full of pollutants and toxic substances. That internal conflict makes me sad sometimes, but I brightened up considerably when I saw the LoCO2PC.

The LoCO2PC is from a company called Akhter Computers, who I’ve never heard of, and it’s not going to win any prizes in the looks or top performance categories, but it does use an amazing 55W of power. That tiny footprint powers a 3GHz dual core processor, DVD drive, 250GB hard drive, stereo speakers, an optional touch panel, WiFi, DVD writer, and a 19″ TFT. Best of all, internal power management means that it uses just 3W when in sleep mode.

The manufacturer has several different deals available, from £539 (ex VAT) for a crappy-but-cheap Celeron processor to £639 for the Core 2 Duo. It comes with Windows XP or Vista, and appears to be available right now.

All-in-One Loco2PC (via Tech Radar)

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Duncan Geere
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