Greenpeace accuses Nintendo of not playing eco-friendly ball, in Greener Guide to Electronics report


ninty.jpgIt might be top of class in the hardware stakes, but Nintendo is apparently flunking its environmental responsibilities. After scoring a whopping 0/10 last year for company policy on handling toxic waste, the big N has been accused by Greenpeace of still not making enough effort to prove its ‘environmental credentials’ by openly presenting eco-friendly solutions.

While Microsoft has improved upon last year’s score of 2.7/10 by fast tracking plans to reduce toxic output, the latest Guide to Greener Electronics report on industry e-waste shows a marginal increase for Nintendo.

The report states: “Nintendo remains the odd one out of the 18 companies in the Guide, without any public time lines to eliminate the worst toxic chemicals or a global recycling policy for the millions of products it sells every year”

Guide to Greener Electronics reports (via

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