Electricity use for gadgets "to double"


As more and more gadgets are hailed as “must-own” items and sale numbers of these items grows, electricity usage is growing too. It’s now estimated that electricity use – through the sales boom of such items as electric toothbrushes and cordless phones – is set to double by the year 2011. That’s in just five years time.

The Energy Saving Trust, who predict this figure, are now calling for gadgets to carry warning labels, cigarette-style, detailing the amount of power each product uses in a hope that consumers will buy less electronic goods or at least more energy-efficient models. Imagine that for a minute. It can be difficult enough to chose a new mp3 player from the options already available, throw a few more values into the mix and you can just colour us confused… Then again, the eco-warrior in me thinks this is a great idea. You can never have to many numbers on a cordless phone box anyway.

Via The Guardian.

John Connelly
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One thought on “Electricity use for gadgets "to double"

  • This is definately a good idea like cars you wanna know how much they will cost to run. Atleast for gadgets like T.V’s.

    I’ve been monitoring the energy consumption of many of my gadget like the XBox 360 which has a huge power supply and also been monitoring my wii and Dell LCD TV which only seem to go on standby and don’t turn off.

    I think it gonna have to be a new years resolution to save more energy.

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