Shiny Video Preview: TVonics MFR 300

In this video, Dan gets his hands on a tiny tiny digital TV reciever “designed for people who don’t want big freeview boxes”. It’s got very simple, very small design, with just enough space to plug in the appropriate cables. Decent UI too. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video and take Dan’s. It’s £60, and it’s available now.


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World's smallest PC unveiled – the teeny, tiny, Compulab fit-PC Slim


“Honey, have you seen my PC?” “Did you check down the back of the sofa?”

That’s the refrain that’ll echo through the home offices of suburban Britain in the near future if this tiny, tiny PC takes off. This PC, no bigger than the palm of your hand, actually has surprisingly reasonable specs behind it. A 500MHz AMD Geode processor, upto 512MB of RAM, ethernet, Three USB ports, Wifi and a 60GB hard drive are available at maximum spec. Oh, and it runs Linux, obviously, though Windows XP is an option…