SURVEY: DVRs – good, aren't they?

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dvr.jpgWhat would companies be doing if they weren’t out surverying the public and, indeed, what would the public be doing if they weren’t out being stopped by people with clipboards outside Dixons?

Today is the turn of NDS to push their products on the world by giving us the results on the “just how wonderful the DVR is” survey and as it goes, I very much agree – well, to a point but to that point later. For now, prepare to have your mind blown with a volley of statistics.

From the NDS survey of Britons of all ages, I can tell you that the modest DVR rates as the third most indispensable household item after the washing machine and the microwave oven. I assume they’re referring to technology goods otherwise I’m a little surprised that the bed doesn’t rate or the shower or the door for that matter.

Come to think of it, what about the TV? What use is a DVR without one? What use is living without one?

The same survey showed that the DVR was second in terms of the most essential gadget in general with the mobile phone, of course, taking top spot, which rather reminds me of a survey I saw in some lads mag a while back where the moblie phone was named second in the list of “things men would least like to lose”. Erection was number one.

My favourite stat in this whole survey though is that 72% of people think that a DVR is much easier to operate than a video cassette recorder and I whole heartedly agree, largely for the fact that you don’t have to get up to use it.

Now, before I leave this matter of fluff behind, consider this: is the world really much better off with DVRs? I used to watch all sorts of programs that I stumbled upon of an eve simply because I had no choice but how enriched my life became when I discovered a wealth of documentaries and historical shows.

Now I have a DVR and all I do is watch endless episodes of Family Guy. It’s fun but I can’t help feeling I’m missing out.

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