Survey reveals that you work way too hard


lolcat-wurk.jpgA survey by phone network 3 has revealed some nasty statistics about quite how much you lot work. Turns out that 31% of you feel you have to be contactable by work whenever and wherever you are, 23% of you have answered calls or sent emails whilst down the pub, 25% have worked on public transport and 13% of you have sent emails and made work calls from the doctor’s surgery (in the waiting room, I presume).

As a person who’s done two of those three things in the last few days, and worked on public transport today, I think this survey does somewhat misrepresent matters. I’ve fielded calls in the pub after work in the past, and then gone and dragged colleagues down to the pub because they’ve been working too hard! Secondly, if you’re sat somewhere waiting for something – in a Doctor’s surgery, or on a bus perhaps, it’s only natural that you might get bored and check your emails if you’ve got a Blackberry. I think that’s perfectly normal.

7% of you have also taken work calls during a date, and 4% have managed to send emails and take calls whilst in a waxing or tanning session. Less impressed by those stats, but then you might be bunking off work for that waxing session, so I’ve got no sympathy there. I do have sympathy for your poor date, however.

On the one hand, technology has created productive people who like to work on the move – whenever and wherever they are. They probably get more done. On the other hand , it’s created bosses who unreasonably expect you to do those things. Some people probably fit into both categories.

Take a minute to think – are you one of those people? Have you got a horror story about work phoning you at a really terrible time? Let us know what you think about working on the move in the comments.

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Duncan Geere
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