VIDEO: Can you work from in the garden?

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It’s the dream. The ultimate fantasy for the home-worker. Working from the garden! But is it possible? Are we humans ready to emerge blinking from our offices and homes and work productively from our gardens?

With summer on the way, I thought I’d continue my investigative home working video series and try to find out IF you can work from in the garden. So, can you? Work? From in the garden?

The answer was, sadly, a big “no” for me, as my wi-fi connection won’t reach the garden. What a bitter disappointment. That router’s only three months old as well.

I could’ve tried moving the router around to see if I could get a signal, but I’ll save that for a whole separate video. Won’t that be fun? Imagine nine minutes of me, moving my router about, then seeing if I can get a signal in the garden. That’d be YouTube GOLD. At least 700 people would want to watch that.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Can you work from in the garden?

  • Its a big yes from me – I have gardern lanterns in mine which makes it easy!

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