VIDEO: What's best? Working from home? Or working in the office?


Thanks to working for the very forward-thinking and modernist Shiny Media, I’m often afforded the luxury of being able to work from home.

But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Is the relaxed nature of home working beneficial, or do you end up slacking off more? Does the stricter office environment force you to work harder, or does the diversion of other people actually slow you down? What’s best? Home? Or office?

Let’s find out via a video comparison!

Home wins! Of course, the serious truth is that working from home’s actually much harder, as you often find yourself doing loads more work than you would in an office to justify being allowed to continue working from home.

But that’s the boring answer. It’s much more fun to do silly videos where you’re pretending to work from in the bath and doing Bill Gates impressions to pass the time. And my lunch is usually something healthier than a sausage roll. The sausage roll was a prop. It’s all lies, this video industry.

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  • Well, my current advantage of working from home is being able to do a short quest in WoW between articles.

    In general, the biggest advantage of home vs. normal office is that I get to sleep late. The advantage of home vs. my office (where I start work late anyway) is that I get to eat real food and I can find distractions. If I stare into a monitor for 6-7 hours a day my brain gets screwed up.

  • I’m just as likely to skive at home as at work, and like anybody who’d admit it, I do.

    A cheeky glance at my Netvibes feeds is a recurrent activity, infact, since being invited to beta test the new release recently I even found all you ‘Shiny happy people’ on their via meandering the ‘Universe’ feature.

    Doing the same thing day in, day out (even when you enjoy your job) 365 days a year, your mind is just bound to wander wherever you are. Unless you’re self-employed… or the boss.

    Then you work like some kind of caffeine-infused automaton in order to afford to re-pay that mortgage… run that Audi… and all in all maintain the lifestyle you’ve grown worryingly accustomed to.

  • Stick with the sausage rolls, and introduce some pasties – sponsorship bucks from Ginsters are sure to follow.

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