Facebook app Cityware using Bluetooth to spy on people without their consent


Research firm Cityware has hooked up thousands of Bluetooth scanners around the world and is using these to monitor how people move around the place – and dumping the data on Facebook.

The only problem is no one asked for the permission of some of the the scanees – so anyone with their phone’s Bluetooth powers enabled risks having their movements tracked by the freely-available Cityware…

VIDEO: What's best? Working from home? Or working in the office?

Thanks to working for the very forward-thinking and modernist Shiny Media, I’m often afforded the luxury of being able to work from home.

But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Is the relaxed nature of home working beneficial, or do you end up slacking off more? Does the stricter office environment force you to work harder, or does the diversion of other people actually slow you down? What’s best? Home? Or office?

Let’s find out via a video comparison!

Opinion: why I think Bluetooth Facebook is a grand (if stalker-ish) idea

katpicture6.jpg Katherine Hannaford writes…

I take back every mean-spirited thing I’ve ever said about students. Yes, even on those nights out in Kingston, Hammersmith, or Clapham, when they’ve filled the gutters, emptying their stomaches of all the Snakebites they can hold, when I’ve resembled a middle-class snob, shaking my head as I pass them soberly (well, vomitless, anyway), muttering under my breath ‘damn students’.

Why am I suddenly revoking my student-hating membership card? Why, because the clever little sods have developed possibly the world’s best Facebook application. Yes, even better than the Karl Pilkington quotes app. We’re talking Bluetooth Facebook. Read on, social-networking fiends…