No bathtub is complete without… a 61-inch telly?



Bathrooms with built-in TVs are becoming more common, thanks to the growing number of people who simply can’t imagine scrubbing themselves with a loofah without also watching Match Of The Day. And who’d blame them.

So check this 61-inch Theater Spa out, from US firm Catalina Spas. It’s an enormous spa bath with, yes, a 61-inch LCD TV built in. It can apparently hold four people, and includes optional rising waterfall, fibre optic lights, vibrating pillow and subwoofer. I’m more concerned about whether there’s a soap tray, to be honest.

How much does it cost? No idea: the site selling it says “Priced upon request”. Presumably loads. Hugh Hefner is tapping in his credit card details as we speak, probably.

61-inch Theater Spa (via BornRich)

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Stuart Dredge
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