Twinbird's waterproof SD ZABADY MP3 player

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Singing in the shower is one of life’s greatest pleasures, even if your dulcet tones are actually one of life’s worst tortures for your neighbours. Maybe trying for the high notes in ‘All By Myself’ wasn’t such a good idea. That includes you, Mariah.

Anyway, if you prefer to get busy with a loofah while a professional handles the musical accompaniment to your bathroom business, Japanese firm Twinbird’s new SD ZABADY waterproof MP3 player could be just the thing.

It’s a portable player capable of pumping out MP3 and WMA files, with 128MB of memory plus an SD card slot for expansion purposes. It weighs 240g, and can be stood on your bath or sink, or mounted on the bathroom wall.

The SD ZABADY doesn’t have the waterproof entertainment space to itself, of course. A direct rival is fellow Japanese gadget the Juke Tower, while the Dolphin MP3 player is a wearable alternative.

Twinbird SD ZABADY product page (via Akihabaranews)

Stuart Dredge
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