Juke Tower – shampoo-like waterproof bathroom player

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Take two bottles into the shower instead of one? That could be because one of them is a music player – the Juke Tower.

The Juke Tower, now available in Japan, is a waterproof MP3 player around 18cm in height and claimed to look like a bottle of shampoo (just in case you feel shame having technology in the bathroom). It’s an all-in-one speaker/player, with a 0.5w loudspeaker at the bottom of the tower, pointing towards an audio reflector that disperses sound through 360 degrees.

And it can take what your bathroom can throw at it – able to withstand water sprayed from a nozzle (or shower head). The downside? Well, that will be the memory – it hasn’t got any and requires a USB storage device. As that’s unlikely to be waterproof, the whole concept starts to looks a but shaky. Sort that out and we could be onto a winner.

It retails in Japan for the equivalent of £44.50.

Product page

Via Digital World Tokyo

Dave Walker
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