Archos 704 Wi-Fi now available to order in the UK

Personal video players

Archos has its latest portable media player in stores at the end of April. The Archos 704 Wi-Fi has a seven-inch full colour touch screen, and as the name suggests, Wi-Fi connectivity.

It’s not bad for storage either, with a choice of 40GB or 80GB models. The 80GB version is large enough to store up to 100 movies, 40,000 songs or 800,000 photos. And as you’d expect from Archos, you can download directly onto your player from the TV or cable using the DVR station accessory – watching on your screen or on a TV.

And as it’s a Wi-Fi device, you can stream content around the home via your network or access content on other machines. The Archos 704 Wi-Fi is available from the end of April for around £399.99 for the 80GB and £329.99 for the 40GB version. The DVR station sells separately for around £69.99.

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