Forget Second Life: Metaplace lets you make your OWN virtual world

Virtual Reality

metaplace.jpgNow this is seriously cool. Metaplace is a new online service that lets you create your own virtual world in just 30 seconds, then embed it on your blog or social networking profile.

There’s a slick graphical user interface for regular users to get their 3D environment up and running, while programming whizzes can get stuck in to actual coding to create and customise their world. The service claims to be platform-agnostic, so its worlds should be able to run on PCs, games consoles and mobile phones.

Founder Raph Koster reckons it could be used to create online games, chatrooms or virtual classrooms, and in all cases, they’ll be open to the rest of the Web (for example, allowing links out to other sites). Metaplace is in alpha at the moment, with a commercial launch set for 2008. I’ve applied to get on the alpha test, so stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing concept.

Metaplace website (via BBC News)

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