VIDEO: Traditional battery rejuvenation techniques


Hey everyone. This week’s video is about those improvised battery recharging techniques we all use from time to time. You know the ones I mean – blowing on them, rubbing them, swapping them over or jiggling them about to get a few extra minutes of use out of a dying pair.

But do any of them work? Let’s find out! And let’s also video it. And then let’s put the video here:

This experiment didn’t really go according to plan. When I tested the “warming up” technique in the night before’s dress rehearsal it worked perfectly – but on the day of the shoot it didn’t. So it was all quite an anti-climax, for me as well as anyone actually watching this nonsense.

Just like the rest of my YouTube output. Sorry about that. Maybe next week I’ll try something exciting, like putting them in a microwave or dropping them in the sea.

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