Microsoft admits "we probably got the pricing mix wrong", and slashes prices of Windows Vista


The sign seen in a US shop window was obviously an omen, as Crazy Steve Ballmer and his Crazy Warehouse Prices has slashed the price of Vista. Just one year after launching…

So far it’s only been confirmed for the US, with the UK market probably going to see an increase in price as we always have to compensate for other countries’ low prices. PS3, anyone?

Ok, admittedly I know they would never dare increase the price for Vista here, but at the time of writing, no official announcement has been made for Europe and the UK in regards to the lowering of the higher-end versions.

At $399, Vista Ultimate will see a huge reduction down to $319, and Vista Home Premium will jump from $159 to $129. More than 100 million copies of Vista have been sold to date, but that does include pre-installed versions on new PCs bought.

Recently, the Windows Consumer Marketing VP Brad Brooks admitted that “we probably got the pricing mix wrong”, and “you don’t always get it right, but you make the adjustment”. He claims that in lowering the price, more new users will adopt the OS.

(via CNet)

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