A fantastic display of garden sheds, including several outstanding TARDIS designs

We should explain the importance of the garden shed to our international readers. It may smell a bit mouldy, there may only be one uncomfortable folding chair to sit on, and most sheds lack basic utilities like gas, water and electricity. But the shed is the final hiding place for man.

Women won’t go there because it’s cold, children aren’t allowed because it’s dangerous. The shed is the last remaining 6′ x 4′ castle of the Englishman. Which is why some crazy men spend so much time modifying their sheds to look like the TARDIS. If you’re going to spend six hours a day in a shed, it may as well be a cool shed.


This stunning selection comes from Readers Sheds (best idea ever), which is currently running its Shed of the Year 2008…

Dr. Evermor's awesome steampunk sculpture garden

Don’t you wish you had enough time on your hands to build monolithic steampunk sculptures, just like Dr. Evermor? A retired industrial wrecking and salvage expert, he spends his days building massive sculptures out of old scraps of metal and wreckage from 50 to 100 years old. The above picture is of Forevertron, which includes a pair of bipolar electrical dynamos built by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century and a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission….